Two Completed Projects

After quite a break due to extreme busy-ness, I finally have two completed projects to show off! One is the Xeriscape garden dry wall project and the other is the new arbour for the grapevines at the front of the Hugelbed. I did the dry walls and I hired someone to build the arbour.

First, here are two pictures of the completed dry walls:

Feb 28, 2016- 1

Feb 28, 2016- 2

Last time I mentioned that I had to return to the construction site of the shopping centre remodel to get more pieces of the old sidewalks. On February 28 I managed to get those that I needed and here are the two completed walls. While not as tightly-built as a professional would have managed, they’ll do for me. As plants grow around them and soil is moved around, the spaces between will be filled and the pieces of cement will become more stable.

I’ve already built up the soil in some of the lower areas and planted 3 of the 6 Eremurus bulbs (Foxtail Lilies) that I plan to add to the central portion, later to be surrounded by annuals. Hopefully, the Eremurus plants will thrive in this hot, dry part of the garden!

At the far end of this garden near the road, I also added some local opuntia cacti. Unlike the previous transplants, these ones actually had roots when planted!

I’m still looking for more Pussytoes plants (native), Calibrachoa bulbs (also native) and other spring bulbs that might like it here.

I just noticed that the 4-inch high Wolf Willow that I bought and planted last fall is putting out leaves (whoo-hoo!!) but I’ll wait a while before taking its picture. Gotta give the little guy time to grow a bit! The nursery told me that they planted one the same size last spring and by fall it was nearly 2 feet tall!

Now, one picture of my other completed project – the Arbour. It was built for two reasons, one – to support the grape vines around the font of the Hugelbed, and, two – to provide some shade in the hot afternoons for the flower bed along the front of the Hugelbed.

Since little is growing or blooming so far, I added Tibetan prayer flags around the arbour for some colour. Later, colourfully-painted birdhouses will be added as well as some other flags and whirly-gigs to move in the wind. Here’s the picture:


Feb 29, 2016- 1

So far, the small bed in front of the arbour has only a few plants in it. There’s a white garden phlox, “David” at the front corner backed by a  clump of double, pink  “Trebbiano” Asiatic lilies. Above it, on a purpose-built shelf, is a native Sumac seedling just beginning its bonsai training. Maybe in about ten years it’ll look like something!

To the right of the phlox are some Cheddar pinks, a few spring bulbs (don’t remember what kinds but some resemble narcissis) and an Agastache – deep raspberry, if I remember correctly. All are emerging from the ground so have passed the winter well.

Along the left side of the arbour is another bed, part of the Pass-Through Garden. It is in the process of being widened and of having stepping stones installed as I find suitable stones. It’s the home to my tree lilac, pink hydrangea, various tulips, perennial asters, chrysanthemums, etc. Should look good in this, its second spring!

That’s it for this time. More as I have more to report!


About Trillium

Retired teacher living in Lillooet on the banks of the Fraser River in the mountains of the Interior of British Columbia in western Canada. I have gardened since I was 3 and I recently turned 71 years of age, so it has been a long time. I began gardening in southern Quebec in eastern Canada, just north of the Vermont border. Next, I tried it in Prince George, in central British Columbia, where the temperature ranges from -50F in winter to +95F in summer. After my fill of that, I moved to central Vancouver Island in south-west BC and gardened in pots on a sailboat for 11 years followed by a ten-year stint in a narrow, trailer-park garden in the temperate rainforest. At last, in July of 2014, I bought my current home in the drylands of the southern Interior of the Province to begin the learning curve once again. It's been a ride!!
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