My First Spring Here

The spring of 2015 was very busy for me. I was trying to get as much ready in the gardens as possible before the summer’s heat arrived and the front of the garage needed to be torn down before it fell down and a new roof put on it. Now, my main little border at that time was against the north side of the garage and all the old wooden shingles from the roof, of necessity, had to be thrown down upon that flower bed.

The workmen were very good, though, and put tarpaulins from the eaves to the ground to catch them as they fell and ease cleanup afterward. Very few plants were damaged as a result. Needless to say, I’m hiring the same fellows this spring to erect the new grape trellis! Here are some pictures showing before, during and after the job. Front Fence-3

This was the view of the garage and the plants that I had, some still in pots and some in the ground in late 2014. It was much the same the next spring, except that all the potted plants had, by then, been planted out. Not very pretty, was it? The garden shed still needed to be moved to allow for a back door to be installed into the rear of the garage. Before removing the garage from that chimney on and replacing the roof, the garden shed needed to be moved about its width to the right, where it now forms part of the barrier to Willy getting into the Hugelbed.

April 28, 2015-5

In the above picture, the garden shed has been moved over and I’ve begun laying the rubber tiles for the Passthrough Garden. You can now see, on the extreme right, the temporary wire fence that protects the Hugelbed, then, moving left, the mixed border in front of the shed, then the tiles and next the bed that goes around the corner of the garage and along the north side of it. The half-barrel was here but in another place and full of weeds.

It now houses my white Valerian plant and, last summer, was home to the Love-lies-Bleeding (Amaranthus caudatus) that filled it all summer and fall. The small tree in front of the garden shed is my prized standard Lilac from which dear Willy tore several branches over winter. You can see the black plant putty that I had to use to save the tree from bleeding to death in spring. The variety is “Beauty of Moscow” and it has double pale pink/cream flowers in spring.

Around the lilac I had planted several clumps of tulips, some ornamental grass and a few other plants, including a “Little Henry” Itea. Beside the garage were some Martagon lilies, various spring bulbs, a couple of yellow Foxgloves, daylilies, etc. Most of them made it through their first winter and I am now waiting anxiously to see if they were strong enough to get through the second one!

May 30, 2015- 1

By late May of 2015, my garage looked like this – half the length and with a shiny new roof that didn’t leak! The mess from construction has been cleaned and removed and my plants are none the worse for wear.

Next on the agenda was completing the rubber tile walkway to the new rear door on the building, then a big dump truck load of crushed limestone to cover the ratty lawn and make the pitch for Willy and his soccer balls.

Next time, I’ll show you some of last year’s flowers so we can later compare them with this year’s performance!





About Trillium

Retired teacher living in Lillooet on the banks of the Fraser River in the mountains of the Interior of British Columbia in western Canada. I have gardened since I was 3 and I recently turned 71 years of age, so it has been a long time. I began gardening in southern Quebec in eastern Canada, just north of the Vermont border. Next, I tried it in Prince George, in central British Columbia, where the temperature ranges from -50F in winter to +95F in summer. After my fill of that, I moved to central Vancouver Island in south-west BC and gardened in pots on a sailboat for 11 years followed by a ten-year stint in a narrow, trailer-park garden in the temperate rainforest. At last, in July of 2014, I bought my current home in the drylands of the southern Interior of the Province to begin the learning curve once again. It's been a ride!!
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