More Veggies

It rained a bit all day today so I didn’t work in the gardens, but I did take more pictures. Below is one of the Courtyard and Willy taken from the gate of the Veggie Garden followed by two more of the Veggie Garden and the views from it in all their winter nakedness (“garden porn”??).

Jan 26, 2016- 1

In this image you can see Willy in one of his favourite viewing positions on his Bridge over Shallow Water. Sometime in the next month or so I plan to erect railings on the bridge to finish it off somewhat. Here you can see the little rivulet or “Wash” where his pond overflows when I refresh the water in it and clean it. It drains at the corner where the small black pot is standing (the pond is a bit lower at that corner). Then it flows under the bridge and away following the little creek bed that I both dug out and built up between the pathway and the flower border at the right.

Behind me, as I took this picture, is the white gate leading to the Veggie Garden which is seen in the next two images.

Jan 26, 2016- 2 This is a similar image to the one I showed last time; note the raspberry canes in the first tire rim.

Jan 26, 2016- 3

What a wonderful view! Even with the dead Amaranth (“Love Lies Bleeding”) canes and the bean vines hanging on the fence, I love it out here. This is a very similar view to the one from my bedroom window in the mornings as the sun is rising. In summer, with the windows open, one can hear the river flowing far below and, even though my house is in the centre of town, there’s very little traffic noise and almost no traffic on my little, one-way street.

Once I have my pear tree in the centre of this triangle bed it should be wonderful in bloom time!


About Trillium

Retired teacher living in Lillooet on the banks of the Fraser River in the mountains of the Interior of British Columbia in western Canada. I have gardened since I was 3 and I recently turned 71 years of age, so it has been a long time. I began gardening in southern Quebec in eastern Canada, just north of the Vermont border. Next, I tried it in Prince George, in central British Columbia, where the temperature ranges from -50F in winter to +95F in summer. After my fill of that, I moved to central Vancouver Island in south-west BC and gardened in pots on a sailboat for 11 years followed by a ten-year stint in a narrow, trailer-park garden in the temperate rainforest. At last, in July of 2014, I bought my current home in the drylands of the southern Interior of the Province to begin the learning curve once again. It's been a ride!!
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2 Responses to More Veggies

  1. Ha ha! I love your descripstions “garden porn” and “Bridge over Shallow Water”, quite witty, you are! Those mountains are absolutely stunning!

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