Plans for 2016

Now that you know, more or less, the locations of my various gardens, it’s time to try (if I can get the images to show) to show you the current state of them. Here’s a view of the front; behind me is the Fraser River, far below. On the way down to it there is a railway track and a lower subdivision, followed by the river. The house faces south-east so this area gets a lot of sunshine and is extremely dry in summer. Therefore I’m attempting to create a xeriscape border/rockery in front of the fenced Veggie garden to the right of the driveway.

To the left of the car is another dry, but more shaded border, at least in the afternoon. The Trees of Heaven (I think that’s what they are – nobody seems to know) provide shade in the afternoons. This has a Spirea bush, lots of ¬†Calendulas, 3 Northern Sea Oats grass plants, a couple of Ornamental Oregano, var. “Kent Beauty” plants and various succulents growing under the trees.

Left of that are the exposed foundations of the part of the garage that I tore down before installing the new blue metal roof on the remainder. Eventually, I hope to use the same type of roofing on the house as well. Anyway, it’s upon these foundations that I place the pots of veggies that I’m trying out. Last year, tomatoes, this year, peppers. They need an awful lot of watering, so this year I might install some sort of drip irrigation system to save time and water.

The brown fence at the far left belongs to the neighbour.

Well, I tried putting the image at the top and writing beneath it, but I wasn’t able to get anything there, which is why today’s image is once again at the bottom. Maybe next time!!

Aug 30, 2015- 4B

Wide-angle View of the Front of my Place


About Trillium

Retired teacher living in Lillooet on the banks of the Fraser River in the mountains of the Interior of British Columbia in western Canada. I have gardened since I was 3 and I recently turned 71 years of age, so it has been a long time. I began gardening in southern Quebec in eastern Canada, just north of the Vermont border. Next, I tried it in Prince George, in central British Columbia, where the temperature ranges from -50F in winter to +95F in summer. After my fill of that, I moved to central Vancouver Island in south-west BC and gardened in pots on a sailboat for 11 years followed by a ten-year stint in a narrow, trailer-park garden in the temperate rainforest. At last, in July of 2014, I bought my current home in the drylands of the southern Interior of the Province to begin the learning curve once again. It's been a ride!!
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