More Anticipation

I finally figured out how to get this drawing of my lot onto my blog! Whoo-hoo!! Unfortunately the text pushes it to the bottom of the page. So, for now you’ll need to scroll down and up to understand what I am telling you. Anyway, it indicates where the various gardens are located on my lot. Now I need to figure how to get text to flow around the image and to justify left, since when I hit the left justify button, it doesn’t work. Oh, well – let’s continue anyway and learn on the job, as it were!

If you look at the diagram, “A” indicates the largest area, now referred to as the “Soccer Pitch” . When I arrived, it was a ratty, dried-out lawn, and stayed that way through the first summer and winter. This spring, I covered it with flattened cardboard boxes and dumped an entire truckload of crushed limestone on it to a depth of a couple of inches to get rid of grass and weeds and to provide Willy with a place to run around and play with his soccer balls. He pushes them around with his nose and feet and is becoming a very good blocker and passer. When I tell him to pass the ball, he shoves it toward me with his snout and when I return it to him, he returns it or chases it until he catches it, then passes it back. Of course, frequently it rolls into the flower borders, so in summer I erect metal fences along the edges of all borders to repel ball and dog.

“B” indicates the Hugelbed, “C” is the Breakfast Deck”, where I like to eat on nice mornings in summer. Currently, it’s constructed of industrial used pallets covered with plywood to prevent Willy’s golf balls from falling through. He used to consider it a game to drop them between the pallet boards and wait for me to retrieve them! Plywood fixed that!

“D” is the “Courtyard Garden”, looked over from the kitchen and the bathroom. In it are located “Willy’s Pond”, the “Stream over Shallow Waters” and Willy’s Bridge”. Willy’s Pond is a plastic child’s sandbox sunken into the ground and filled with water from which Willy drinks in summer. Since it quickly became infested with mosquito larvae, I had to frequently empty and refill it with the hose and the water covered all the soil around. This gave me no dry area on which to walk toward the Veggie Garden, so I excavated a narrow streambed to guide it out of the way. I quickly tired of having Willy run through this runoff and then jump on me, hence the construction of the bridge with another pallet.

This worked fine until the day I turned quickly and caught the sole of my sandal between the pallet boards and fell sideways, hitting my head on a rock. It hurt like Hell, but I seemed all right, but the next morning on awakening, I couldn’t speak. The words were fine in my head, but came out all jumbled up! Off to the hospital for a head scan in case there was internal bleeding, but by the time I got there, I was speaking correctly once more. It still took the better part of the day, as the referral hospital is 2 hours drive each way.

Next day, on went more plywood! THAT wouldn’t happen again!

“E ” indicates the Veggie Garden with its narrow path describing a triangleĀ around a central bed in the sunny southern front of the property. The island bed is where this year’s anticipated pear tree will go.

“F” marks the driveway in front of what remains of the garage after I tore down the front half of it (which was slowly falling down). I left the foundations, marked on the map, on which to place large pots. Last summer, I grew over 30 tomato plants there, a bit of overkill, I know, but I wanted to try several varieties. This year I hope to put different varieties of peppers there and my favourite tomato varieties will go into either the Veggie Garden or the Hugelbed.

So now, perhaps you can better visualize my gardens and their locations vis-a-vis each other. More next time!

Plot Plan 2015

About Trillium

Retired teacher living in Lillooet on the banks of the Fraser River in the mountains of the Interior of British Columbia in western Canada. I have gardened since I was 3 and I recently turned 71 years of age, so it has been a long time. I began gardening in southern Quebec in eastern Canada, just north of the Vermont border. Next, I tried it in Prince George, in central British Columbia, where the temperature ranges from -50F in winter to +95F in summer. After my fill of that, I moved to central Vancouver Island in south-west BC and gardened in pots on a sailboat for 11 years followed by a ten-year stint in a narrow, trailer-park garden in the temperate rainforest. At last, in July of 2014, I bought my current home in the drylands of the southern Interior of the Province to begin the learning curve once again. It's been a ride!!
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2 Responses to More Anticipation

  1. Kalamain says:

    Making the text flow around it won’t work. You would be better putting the image near the top and then making it open in a new window.
    Have you also thought of getting a screen grab from Google Earth? If it’s up to date that is.

    With the puppy pond… If you put some fish in there they will eat a lot of them. The pins will also attract frogs which will make a dent in the slugs and snails population in your garden.

    How you got over the swirly head issue now!

    • Trillium says:

      Thanks for the suggestions. As for fish, the pond is quite shallow and freezes solid in winter. I don’t want to overwinter fish along with plants in the house.

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